We do not have standardized services and solutions , We have solutions designed for you , We listen carefully and analyze carefully, in order to accurately prepare the most appropriate technical solution for you to achieve your goals

E-Commerce Solutions

With the development team at PST, we can professionally transport you to the world of e-commerce by building the best electronic commerce platforms that prepare you for online sales and display your products in a professional manner, reaching potential customers, and setting up direct sales operations, to ensure you a strong presence and share guarantee Greater marketability in the e-commerce market, in addition to providing training in how to manage e-stores to reach the highest rates of success and profitability.

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E-Commerce Solutions
web hosting

web hosting

Web hosting services are one of the main pillars of the success of websites and applications. In PST, our choice is only to provide hosting services for a high level of quality and international standards and Arab culture, using the latest technology technologies that make your site or application work with high efficiency from the PST data centers spread in the Middle East & Europe and the United States of America.

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With over 15 years of experience in the world of information and e-marketing, PST is one of the best leaders in web development and design in the Arab world.

Why Choose Us ? Why Choose Us ? Why Choose Us ? Why Choose Us ?

Proficient & Friendly support

We do not have the most important of the client in order to serve him, so we always work to provide all means that help the customer's comfort, and we are always in contact with him, and we work to solve all the problems that face him at any moment.

Extremely Fast

Our servers are hosted by the most powerful data center companies in the world, and we have a full staff to manage and monitor servers, and we are always working on using all means to speed up the server.

Safe & Secure

We have an integrated team working to monitor the servers periodically within a firm plan to protect it from any possible damage, and we are working to repel any attack on the site or the server at any time.

Integrated services

An advanced perspective through which we serve you by providing integrated and appropriate services that meet all your needs in developing your business to reach together for the desired success.

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